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Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps we tried to carry this message to others and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Senior Pastor Support

As we prepare for the upcoming ‘Celebrate Recovery Australia Training and Networking Seminar’ I find myself again reading John Baker’s book ‘Your First Step to Celebrate Recovery’. Thinking particularly of the 7 essential ‘Keys to Celebrate Recovery’. I am drawn to page 21 of the book and John Baker finally writing a thirteen-page, single-spaced letter to Pastor Rick Warren on his God given vision of a Christ-centered recovery program. A program provided by the church to provide a safe place where families could find healing and restoration; where moms,dads, and children of all ages could find freedom from their hurts, hang-ups and habits.

When presented with the letter Rick Warren responded “It’s a great idea John, I would like you to do it.”

So began the ‘SENIOR PASTOR SUPPORT’ of Celebrate Recovery, and God blessed it. 

2 Corinthians 9:13 says “Those you help will be glad not only because of your generous gifts to themselves and to others, but they will praise God for this proof that your deeds are as good as your doctrine.”

Demonstrating our faith through our actions shows others we are believers of the Word:  Attendance at Celebrate Recovery, prayer, good deeds will not by themselves  demonstrate this to others. Daily relationship with God in our lives changes us. Confidence that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will is all the evidence we need to support each other on this ‘Road to Recovery.’

JOIN US! on 30th April in Melbourne to learn more…….

Archie Boyle
Ministry Leader


Learning is important to our relationship with God

“Turn now, each of you, from your evil ways and your evil practices.” Jeremiah 25:5

One way we can honor God is to accept His discipline and build upon the lessons we have learned from our past.

Learning requires and develops humility. To be under His discipline means to willingly and humbly come before Him to learn what He wants to teach us.

Learning involves:
Meditation on what God wants.
Self-control in the face of adversity.
Dependence on God to teach us loving life lessons.

Everyday God wants to teach us new lessons. And He wants us to do our homework.

Are you doing yours?

Encourage each other!

heb 10.24

“Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”
Hebrews 10:24

We are encouraged through encouraging others In Romans 1:11-12 Paul prayed for the chance to visit other Christians and encourage them with his faith and be encouraged by theirs. In recovery, as people devoted to the One true Higher Power, Jesus Christ we need to offer fellowship, comfort and encouragement to others, both in CR and outside, who, are still suffering from the negative effects of their hurts, hang-ups and habits.

Our faith in the ‘power to overcome’ through application of the principles of recovery gives us a common purpose of encouraging each other.

Then and Now

before recovery

We were under God’s curse, doomed forever for our sins. We went along with the crowd and were just like all the others, full of sin, obeying Satan, the mighty prince of the power of the air, who is at work right now in the hearts of those who are against the Lord. Our sins telling your mouth what to say! Our words based on clever deception.

during recovery

We follow God’s example in everything we do just as a much loved child imitates his father.

We keep putting into practice all we learn from others and see them doing.

We have such a huge crowd of men of faith watching us, so we strip off anything that slows us down or holds us back, and especially those sins that wrap themselves so tightly around our feet and trip us up; and let us run with patience the particular race that God has set before us.


Ephesians  2:1-2, Job 15:4, Ephesians 5:1, Philippians 4:9, Hebrews 12:1

My name is Archie and I am a grateful believer

He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken
Psalm 62:2

My name is Archie and I am a grateful believer who has had victory over alcohol addiction but still struggles with life.

When people ask me “how did you overcome alcohol addiction?” I tell them, quite simply ‘I STOPPED!’

I stopped:

– turning to alcohol to escape every emotion I felt in my life.
– turning to alcohol when I didn’t like the way others acted or reacted towards me.
– turning to alcohol as way of avoiding my responsibilities in life.
– turning to alcohol as the only solution to my life’s problems and issues.

I started:

– turning to God to learn to face my emotions and deal with them.
– turning to God to help me accept and understand I am not responsible for how others act   or react. The only thing I can change in life is me..

– turning to God, facing up to my responsibilities, doing the best I can and leaving the
outcome in His hands.
– turning to God, His Word and His leading, knowing that whatever happens If He is in
control I will be fine.

There is a song that says “I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength, but sometime I wonder whet He can do through me?”

The answer is only He knows and all you need to do to find out is ‘TRUST AND OBEY’

Thanks for letting me share

Archie Boyle
Ministry Leader
CR Melbourne Project 614