Celebrate Recovery offers a Christ- centred recovery process

People will use excuse after excuse or blame after blame for not facing up to something or not doing something! I know I was that person for many years post car accident in 1995..where I was hit by a semitrailer and ended up in a lot of pain that saw me spiral more and more into addiction, alcoholism, suicide attempts, psych admissions- and the story goes on! Too easy it is to blame the devil when we make the choice to pick up in the first place!! Stop giving him that power when its not his in the first place!

15months ago after years (17 years post accident) I made the decision to get off my backside and to break the curse of morbid obesity that runs in my family! Not only did I have prayer for it..I also accepted my responsibility for my bad eating habits, the total lack of exercise I did and being really by chronic pain! I changed my eating, I started exercising consistently !

Im still a work in progress.. but the blame and excuses are gone ! My body is the temple of God….and God has said He has come to give me life in all His
fullness! Recovery requires consistency and it requires a relationship with Jesus Christ- as He is the Healer! I do Celebrate Recovery over my hurts, hangups and habits  where we can finding healing from our hurts, hangups and habits is a safe place! One of my passions is to see churches have a safe and supportive place that Celebrate Recovery offers so people can be set free from denial, blame, excuses of life controlling issues, etc and find the healing and transforming power of Jesus Christ in their lives and be set free to be all God would have them be!

If you want help to get a group started in your church..we are here to help you!
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